memon Effects

Leading cell biologist, Professor Dartsch demonstrates the protective effects
of memonizer technologies on live cells.

The 1 minute video below shows live blood taken from a volunteer  The first sample is before using a mobile phone.

The second sample is AFTER making a 15 minute mobile phone call.  The blood is static and clumped together.
The FINAL blood sample shown is after a SECOND 15 minute mobile phone call.  But for the duration of THIS call, a memonizerMOBILE was installed in the phone.

The blood flows freely again!

The following is the conclusion of Andreas Gerzen, Institue For Analytical Medicine
(after analysing the results from a live study).

“…Using therapeutic-medicinal methods, it would be extremely difficult to bring about such enormous changes within so short a time.  Thus in my opinion, a tremendous effect on health can be attributed to the memonizer technology, which I personally would not have expected.  During the whole of my practical work up to the present using a dark field microscope, I have never come across such clear and positive results.


The next video is a fine dust particulate study by AeroMess, an indoor environment specialist consulting firm.

We are all familiar with ionisers that create a localised increase in negative air ions.  The limitation of this technology though is that the further away you are from it, the less ions you will be exposed to.  The memonizerCOMBI on the other hand causes a natural increase and circulation of negative air ions in conjunction with a settling of dust particulates in the harmonised environment.