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Stop being wiped out by travel.  The memonizerTRAVEL SOLUTION combines two of our most respected technologies, the single memonizerCOMBI and the memonizerFLATWATER to give you a harmonized travel experience around the world.

Simply plug the COMBI into a wall socket in your hotel room and wrap the FLATWATER around a tap, faucet or pipe to harmonize the information fields of your accommodation and the water of your shower or bathroom.

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The travel solution is designed as a package for those who would like to travel worldwide with complete piece of mind for their place of stay and water usage.  

The package includes the single size of the memonizerCOMBI and the memonizerFLATWATER. 

You also have the choice of a complimentary addition of either the memonizerFOOD  or memonizerMOBILE .

The travel solution comes as a complete kit which includes

  • memonizerCOMBI single size
  • memonizerFLATWATER single size
  • Universal travel adapter to use the memonizerCOMBI in sockets worldwide.
  • memonizer TRAVELSET including memonizer COST Single, FLATWATER Single & travel adapter

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Travel Set, Travel Set with FREE memonizerBODY, Travel Set with FREE memonizerFOOD, Travel Set with FREE memonizerMOBILE


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