The memonizerMOBILE is NOT just for mobile phones.

It is ideal for all small, mobile devices including: DECT or Cordless Phones, Baby Monitors and wireless Games Consoles, iPads, Tablets and Laptop Computers.

The wafer thin memonizer is easily applied to the back of your mobile devices, close to where you plug the power in.

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The first video shows how the memonizerMOBILE, a small wafer thin unit, easily hides away on the battery of your mobile phone if it opens.  Or sticks on the back of your smart phone if it is not designed to have the back taken off.  Once applied, all the emissions from the phone (or other mobile device) are harmonised.  

The second video shows how a person’s blood changes, before and after a mobile phone call. And then how it changes after making an additional call with a memonizerMOBILE installed in the phone.


Remember the memonizerMOBILE is also designed to be used with all battery operated equipment up to and including your laptop.

Should you choose to upgrade your mobile device, simply remove the memonizer from the old technology and move it to the new one.  Remember to place it as close to the battery as possible, or as close to the power socket of the device as possible if the location of the battery is not known.

The memonizerMOBILE is designed as a very small insert (as shown installed above in a regular mobile phone). This unit also comes in three different colour designs, which you can view on the purchase page. It is easily installed on the back of your mobile phones battery, or anywhere on the back face of a phone you cannot gain battery access to, such as an iPhone. Once installed, with the cover back on your phone, the unit is out of sight and provides an expected working life of twenty years. In the case of iPhones and installations which are not protected by the battery cover of the phone, we strongly recommend using an overall protective cover for your phone, to ensure the unit does not get impacted upon if the phone is dropped, for example. Watch installation Demonstration: This unit is also designed to work with all battery operated equipment including:
  • DECT phone handsets (wireless land line handsets)
  • Laptop Computers
  • Other battery operated equipment up to the size of a laptop computer

As with any regular mobile phone, use of the memonizerMOBILE with a laptop computer, or other battery operated equipment, simply requires installation of the unit directly onto the battery itself, or if more convenient, on the inside of the battery cover.  This is the same with DECT phone (or wireless land line phone) handsets.

Please note that while the memonizerCOMBI home system is designed to include DECT phones, which are operated from the homes mains electricity, when the handset is in use and away from the base station, it must be independently covered by installing the memonizerMOBILE into the handset (as when it is in use it operates under its own power, free from any connection with your mains electricity).

The memonizerMOBILE can easily be moved from one phone to a new phone (or battery operated appliance), however, to ensure a stable, long lasting and efficient function for your phone or appliance, do not move the memonizerMOBILE back and forth repeatedly from the same device, for example, in order to use it in other appliances while also using it with your phone.

The memonizerMOBILE is available in the following three colours.
  • memonizerMOBILE grey
  • memonizerMOBILE black
  • memonizerMOBILE white

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Family pack of 6 (normally £534), memonizerMOBILE black, memonizerMOBILE grey, memonizerMOBILE white


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