The memonizerWIRELESS comes as a set of 2 per box.
So you effectively get two for the price of one.

This smaller version of the memonizerMOBILE, covers all the same bandwidths except the phone specific frequencies.  The memonizerWIRELESS is ideal for less powerful devices, like head sets, keyboards, baby monitors, kindles and so on.  (We recommend the memonizerMOBILE for Phones, iPads, Tablets and Laptops, especially if used for skype or other phone communication applications.)


The memonizerWIRELESS is exactly the same in function as the memonizerMOBILE, except in a smaller package (as shown in the image as installed on a Bluetooth ear piece for illustration).

This unit is designed for iPads, Kindles, baby monitors, tablets, wireless mice and keyboards as well as Bluetooth equipment.


The memonizerWIRELESS is designed as a very small patch (as shown installed above in a regular Bluetooth headset):
Once applied to your device it provides an expected working life of twenty years.
Watch Installation Demonstration:
This unit is also designed to work with the following battery operated equipment:
  • Baby monitors
  • Wireless keyboards and mice
  • Tablets and iPads
  • Kindles
The memonizerWIRELESS can easily be moved from one device to a new one, however, to ensure a stable, long lasting and efficient function for your device, do not move the memonizerWIRELESS back and forth repeatedly from the same device, for example, in order to use it in other appliances while also using it with your existing device.  
  • memonizerWIRELESS (2 pieces per patck)


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