The memonizerWATERFILTER is designed to install directly into your incoming water pipe, allowing the removal of physical pollutants from your water.  The small size is designed to go under the sink.  The medium and large, are whole house systems, which address both hot and cold water throughout the house.

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The memonizerWATERFILTER is designed to install directly under your sink, or into your incoming water pipe, allowing the removal of physical pollutants from your entire home water.  

It can be installed separately, or in conjunction with the memonizerWATER, to ensure your water is both physically and energetically clean.  The filter cartridges are designed to last up to six months before requiring change.

If you do NOT have a memonizerWATER, you CAN still fit the memonizerWATERFILTER.  This removes physical contaminants extremely efficiently.  But it does not address the pathogenic information imprints.  This is the job of the memonizerWATER or its alternative, called the memonizerWATERBOX which may be seen in the brochure below.

View/Download the full memonizerWATERFILTER Installation Brochure

In the brochure, you will see both the memonizerWATERFILTER and the WATERBOX.  The Two combined are referred to as the memonizerWATERFILTER PLUS system.  This covers all aspects of water cleansing, including both contaminants and informations.

For best results the memonizerWATERFILTER-PLUS unit should be used in conjunction with the memonizerCOMBI to harmonize electro-magnetic fields, geopathic stress, and reduce dust particulates also.

The memonizerWATERFILTER is designed as either a complete whole house, or a kitchen use only, physical water filtration unit.  

There are 3 sizes of water filter.  Small, medium and large.  A plumber is required to install them.

The small WATERFILTER is designed as an under sink option, to clean the drinking and cooking water.  Obviously this will filter only the cold water as it connects to does not connect to the hot pipe.

The medium and large filters are for the whole house.  They filter the water coming into the property before it is heated.  So this method covers both hot and cold water, including shower water, which is a major consideration.  This is because chlorine is a volatile gas, so it is released into the shower cubicle and creates a mini gas chamber as you breathe in the volatile gases. So whole house water filters are superior in many ways.

Please find more information about the filters themselves here.

In keeping with memon’s philosophy, they are the highest standard filters currently available.

Before ordering, you will need to know the diameter of the pipe you intend to fit the filter to, as they come in various pipe fitting sizes.

  • The small filter (for kitchen sink use only) is made to fit either a 3/8 inch OR a 1/2 inch pipe. (Please select the correct size).
  • The medium comes in various fittings, for a 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1 1/4 inch or 1 1/2 inch pipe. (Please select the correct size).
  • The large comes ready for a 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1 1/4 inch, 1 1/2 or 2 inch pipe. (Please select the correct size).

As described in the ‘Description’ tab, the units also come in two variants.  The first is the memonizerWATERFILTER, which is just the physical filtration technology. The second is the memonizerWATERFILTER-PLUS which includes both the physical filtration and the memonizerWATER pathogenic information clearing characteristics in one system.

Both these types require a qualified plumber to install them into your house piping.  The three available sizes of the memonizerWATERFILTER are (with compatible pipe diameters):

There are two files which provide more detail below.  The first is about the filtering process.  The second is about the products themselves.

View/Download the filtering information here and View/Download the full memonizerWATERFILTER Brochure

Below are a small collection of testimonials from people who have the memonizerWATERFILTER and what their experience has been.  Further to this, you can view and download the full testimonial brochure (that covers experiences from private clinics, medical, hotels all the way through to professional athletics) by clicking below.  The windows that opens has tools at the top to print, rotate or save the brochure if you wish.

View/Download Professional testimonal brochure

  • memonWATERFILTER S1 (3/8“)
  • memonWATERFILTER S2 (1/2“)
  •  memonWATERFILTER M1 (3/4“)
  • filter cartridge S
  • filter cartridge M
  • filter cartridge L

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filter cartridge L, filter cartridge M, filter cartridge S, memonWATERFILTER L1 (3/4“), memonWATERFILTER L2 (1“), memonWATERFILTER L3 (1 1/4“), memonWATERFILTER L4 1 1/2“), memonWATERFILTER L5 (2“), memonWATERFILTER M1 (3/4“), memonWATERFILTER M2 (1“), memonWATERFILTER M3 (1 1/4“), memonWATERFILTER M4 (1 1/2“), memonWATERFILTER S1 (3/8“), memonWATERFILTER S2 (1/2“)


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