Designed to plug into any spare socket, the memonizerCOMBI provides a protected and harmonized space throughout your home or building.

Chosen by electro-sensitives and health conscious individuals around the world, the COMBI is our flagship product .  And as the name suggests, it provides a combination effect of harmonizing electric and magnetic fields, as well as geopathic stress.  It also reduces dust particulates in the atmosphere by increasing negative ions in the air and causing the particulates to fall to the ground.

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Designed to plug into any spare socket, the memonizerCOMBI provides a protected and harmonized space around, as well as throughout, your home or building.

It is available in standard sizes for up to 500 square meters of living area and can also be custom built for larger properties.

This unit is also available as a centrally mounted version, which installs directly onto your electrical meter.

The memonizerCOMBI requires some consultation to ensure that you have the correct size and that it can be installed correctly in your home.  This involves knowing:

  • If known, one full years electrical consumption (easily obtainable from your electrical provider)
  • The total flooring size of your home or building (which includes all floor areas added together)
  • Whether your home is compatible – for the plug in version  

Is your home compatible?

The memonizerCOMBI plug in version is very simple to install in any socket in your home but has some compatibility requirements.  

In order to function correctly, your home needs to have what is called a ‘main switch’ installed into your main circuit breaker (sometimes called a consumer box).  This is shown below as the large red switch and is labelled ‘main switch.

This switch simply shuts off the power to your entire home in one go, not just part of it like the other regular circuit breakers (coloured in back in the illustration above), such as a ring of sockets only etc.  

Your home must have only one of these installed as the effects of the memonizerCOMBI will be completely confined to the area in your home that are electrically covered by the man switch.  

It could be that your home has an older type of main switch that doesn’t look like the illustration above, but none the less isolates the power to your whole home when switched off.  This is also compatible.

If you are not sure or would like more advice, please get in touch with us and we can easily assist you to determine whether or not your home is compatible.

If your home is not compatible with the plug in version, then you will need the centrally mounted

The memonizerCOMBI is designed to effortlessly plug into any one of your home or building sockets straight away (or on your electrical meter for the centrally mounted solution).  It has an expected working life of twenty years and has four primary functions:
  • Removal of pathogenic information’s from emissions originating outside your home or building
  • Removal of pathogenic information’s from interferences originating from all equipment plugged into your mains electricity within your home or building
  • Removal of pathogenic information’s from geopathic disturbances
  • Creation of a natural abundance of negative ions in each room of your home or building to greatly reduce the presence of heavy, through to fine, particles in your breathing ai.
It comes in four standard sizes, graded according to the size of property they will cover:
  • Single covers up to 100 square meters of total home flooring area.
  • Standard covers up to 200 square meters of total home flooring area.
  • Standard A covers up to 350 square meters of total home flooring area.
  • Standard B covers up to 500 square meters of total home flooring area.

These sizes assume an average use of electrical energy over a one year period.  For example if you have electric under floor heating or another form of electrical appliance that requires a great deal of power to run, this can raise your consumption value and so affect the size you will require for your home.  If you are not sure, please contact your electrical provider for your yearly consumption value and then send this information to us using the form on the purchase page, so we can determine which size you will need.

Please contact us for more information if your property is larger than 500 square meters as custom built units can easily be assembled for your property.


The Centrally mounted solution

  • memonizerCOMBI Single, plug
  • memonizerCOMBI Single, central
  • memonizerCOMBI Standard, plug
  • memonizerCOMBI Standard, central
  • memonizerCOMBI Standard A, plug
  • memonizerCOMBI Standard A, central
  • memonizerCOMBI Standard B, plug
  • memonizerCOMBI Standard B, central


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