How memon Works

A concept of re naturalizing your environment

The technology of memon, was developed in a research and testing phase that lasted nearly three decades, by their inventor, Winfried. M. Dochow a former test engineer. The concept and idea for the principles for this technology had been prompted by a serious illness which had affected Dochow. This condition caused him to ask fundamental questions about the human condition: How it is affected by its environment, both natural and artificial How synthetic materials and technological fields influence it How the energetic state of water is vitally important Most importantly, what could be done to change it. Below is an overview of what memon is deigned to do, and how it does it…

Pathogenic information's

According to the inventors research, there was an important difference between the electromagnetic fields found in nature and those that are generated artificially. His findings showed that artificial ones can contain what he terms pathogenic information’s non material attributes that are neither electric or magnetic in nature and so not detectable by regular instruments.  

Removal of these information’s shows a significant change in human cells and behaviour after their removal from their associated electromagnetic carrier wave.  

Below are examples of human blood cells before (left), then after mobile phone use (centre), then again after the same time using the phone with memon technology installed.

same-time-with-memon-technology  blood-cells-after-15min  before-test

This result is also seen throughout memon technology, from computers through to driving a car.

The Light Spectrum

From the memon perspective, the human organism has evolved in an environment that comprises the natural light part of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum, from the colour violet, all the way to red (as illustrated).  This is in part why memon technology is designed to remove all pathogenic information’s from every EM frequency outside the natural light portion.

Further to this, memon view that there is another non-material characteristic to EM waves, which is a rotational attribute. This rotational attribute for frequencies towards the violet colour (laevo-rotating) is opposite to those near red (dextro-rotating), green being a neutral balance point with neither rotation.  

The research of memon suggests that modern living with technology, for example, can cause the balance of these qualities to shift towards the laevo rotating quality, which they find to be degenerative in nature. This is why the operational centre of rotation of the memon technology is towards the red, generative, in order to bring an important natural re-balance to these necessary qualities.   

Energetic Water Structure

Although water energetic structure in conventional circles is mostly considered an un tested concept, many, including aerospace industries are not only taking it seriously, but have done extensive research in this field:

From memon’s perspective, water is capable of being imprinted with ‘information’ by having contact with physical pollutants such as chlorine, fluorine, oestrogen derivatives (such as the pill in public water) all the way through to exposure from EM sources. 

The images, at the top show the contrast between a typical sample of Munich city tap water (left), with a highly disfigured and chaotic structure, and the same sample of water that has been ‘de-informed’ by memon technology.  As a reference, the image at the bottom is a typical formation from a water sample taken from a natural spring source.

As an immunologist he experimented with the idea of whether cells, exposed to water ‘informed’ with the imprints of anti-bodies, would behave same way as if exposed to the anti-bodies themselves.  His results showed that they did indeed, and this suggested that the water was actively behaving with the memory of its exposure to the anti-body ‘information’ it contained.  In other words, cells were reacting to the water ‘as if’ the water still contained the anti-bodies, when all that was left were the ‘information’s’ of them left in the water.

Though his work and others like it continue to be debated, continued evidence from researchers shows that water has an ability to mimic substances which it has been exposed to, even when those original physical substances have been filtered or removed.  This exactly how the principle of homeopathic medicine works.        

In this way, the inventor of the memon technology designed a class of devices (the memonizerWATER, memonizer POOL and memonizerFOOD) to remove the ‘pathogenic information’ imprints from drinking, swimming or bathing water.  The corresponding changes in the water structure are evidenced by the images above.

Munich city tap water, showing natural crystalline structure, after memon harmonization

All images were taken by Dr. Massaru Emoto on behalf of memon.

Like other researchers, memon believes the signatures of these imprints show themselves in water through crystallization analysis.  

 It was Dr. Jaques Benveniste who first coined the term ‘water memory’.  As an unconvinced researcher, his commission to begin a full study of the active properties of water memory gave him results he did not expect.  

Munich city tap water, showing chaotic disfigured crystalline structure, before memon harmonization
Natural crystalline structure from a waterfall source. Variations of this basic hexagon shape are found in all natural sources of water.