E. Smog Safety

Are Wifi and Smart Phones Safe?

This series of videos is HIGHLY informative, but by now way exhaustive.  Oxidative stress, DNA damage, raised levels of a variety of cancers, central nervous system damage and more, are all documented and as far back as 2013 microwave radiation met all the criteria to be documented as a Group ONE carcinogen.  The only reason it has not been reclassified, as you will hear from Dr Mallery-Blythe, is that the International Agency for the Research of Cancer has not reconvened in the past 7 years to reconsider the data.

Microwave Weapons Expert Barrie Trower

The above, brief videos may help us understand the reality of microwave radiation.  Barrie Trower is an ex-Ministry Of Defence microwave weapons expert, who simply and calmly explains the military history and use of microwave radiation as a well understood and documented weapon, before it hit our high-streets and homes.  He has come out of retirement in an attempt to protect us and our children.

Dr Mallery-Blythe

For the past decade Dr Malery-Blythe has tirelessly researched the data and presented the facts to laypeople and medical professionals alike.  Her style is clear, concise and without histrionics.  She is a great starting point as she breaks down what could be complex medical jargon into simple terms for everybody to understand.

For more information from Dr Malery-Blythe, please go to www.phiremedical.org

Prof. Martin Pall

Prof. Martin Pall takes the question of health risks to the next level.  He does this by explaining the exact mechanism with which much of the harm occurs, and this video covers much of that data.

An extensive research site from the Environmental Health Trust, may also be found at: https://ehtrust.org/