“…Using therapeutic-medicinal methods, it would be extremely difficult to bring about such enormous changes within so short a time.  Thus in my opinion, a tremendous effect on health can be attributed to the memonizer technology, which I personally would not have expected.  During the whole of my practical work up to the present using a dark field microscope, I have never come across such clear and positive results.Andreas Gerzen, Institue For Analytical Medicine (after analysing the results from a live study).

Blood before mobile call.

Blood after 15 mins on mobile.

15 mins mobile use with memon!

The memon effect

The remarkable 1 minute video above, shows what happens to your blood when using a mobile phone with and without a memonizerMOBILE installed.

memon bionic instruments are a completely novel, German technology. The culmination of over three decades of intensive research and development.

This technology is available as an extensive range of products, designed to harmonize every aspect of your life. This includes day to day technology, such as mobile phones, iPads and computers, through to your entire home/building or office space as well as water, heating, food and more.  

Many more examples, from hormone panels to pre & post race condition experiments, demonstrate the efficacy of memon technologies.


Who uses memon

memon emf protection

Over 90,000 clients around the world use memon technologies on their water, heating, phones, laptops, tablets, home electrical supply, solar panels, pools, bodies and food.  

Memon products are recommended by informed doctors, dentists, athlete trainers, naturopaths, alternative medicine practitioners and vets.

The people that benefit from this technology include individuals with electro-sensitivity at one end of the spectrum to high performance athletes at the other. 

Sectors that invest, include industry and agriculture, professional sports associations, clinics, hotels and everyone wishing to create a natural living environment while using modern technology with complete peace of mind.


About us

As the official memon UK partner, In Harmony With Nature was established by PhD researchers with backgrounds in physics, electromagnetic fields and mathematics from leading universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.

Today, under the directorship of Jonathan Frewing, Field Control Therapy, Heart Rate Variability and Biological Terrain Management practitioner, the company’s obligation, is not only to provide the very best harmonising solutions, but also to pass on the scientific evidence of the biological impacts of various technologies.

We look forward to assisting you in spreading the word and helping as many people as possible to remain safe in this technologically experimental world.